Agile Descovery Workshop

A discovery workshop plays an important role in transforming an idea into a usable product. All the planning, scoping, and streamlining are done in the very beginning to witness tangible results.

Our project team meets with clients and stakeholders to determine the project’s goals and logistics, such as the budget and timeline. The participants work together to define the project objectives and establish standards for success.


Agile discovery workshop

In general, a discovery workshop usually lasts from 2 to 4 days depending on the scope of the project. Doing so, by the end of it you should have a structured roadmap to accomplish set milestones and goals. It typically occurs at the beginning of a project or at the beginning of significant key substages of a project when there is a need.

Our Agile descovery Workshop Procedure


Vision of Product

If you are planning a customer-facing web app, we start by analyzing your competitive market and define a unique selling proposition that will set you apart from the competition. We fully plan a concept of your app - functionality, UX and UI design.


Gathering Ideas

We thoroughly gather and process client’s requirements and employ some needed graphic tools, i.e., Function Charts, Data Flow Diagrams, and Prototypes, to create a process specification and further support the production of a functional specification.


Prioritizing Features

It’s important to prioritize features based on the value they deliver to users and the business. This step is essential because defining an MVP that is too broad can negatively impact the project so carefully priortize the features of the relevent product.


Information Architecture

Once the features are identified, the next step is to develop the information architecture. This involves mapping out the structure of the product and how users will navigate through it. The aim is to make sure that the product is easy to use and intuitive for all the type of users using it.


Process specification

With the user flow established, the development team can start designing lo-fi mockups and discussing important details that are missed in the previous steps. This includes things like the placement of buttons, the color scheme etc that are important to the product.


Functional specification

We work hard to enhance the functionality of your web app. Our team conducts a preliminary analysis to consider all features and specifications of a would-be solution before starting work. An accurate functional specification is the basis of our development process.

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